Super Bowl Special With Jones Krahl of Deloitte Digital

Episode · 7 months ago

Super Bowl Special With Jones Krahl of Deloitte Digital


It’s the most wonderful time of the year for marketers and creatives: Super Bowl!

With the ad industry buzzing about Super Bowl commercials left and right, I sat down with Jones Krahl, Executive Creative Director at Deloitte Digital and Ryan Sichelstiel, Senior Customer Success Manager at Celtra with a popular TikTok (follow @ry_sic) to rank, debate, and discuss this year’s commercials for the big game.

We cover:

- Jones’ Super Bowl PSA for She Can Stem with The Today Show hosts

- Overall thoughts on Super Bowl commercials and what goes into producing them

- Our takes on the Super Bowl ads by brands like Rakuten, Busch Light, Budweiser, Quaker Oats, Lay’s, Bud Light Seltzer, and many more.

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Welcome to brand side, a new podcast by Sultra, where we interview marketing creative operations and design leaders to find out what life is like in house, first agency side and how big creative ideas come to life at the world's best brands. This is brand side by Sultra. Welcome to the first brand side episode of Two Thousand and twenty two, and I'm very excited for this particular one because we are gonna be discussing all things super bowl and specifically commercials, because we are a marketing and advertising podcast. Today's guests, and yes, you heard that right, we have two guests on the show. We have the executive creative director, Jones crawl, of deloit digital, who is an award winning creative leader, perhaps more importantly, and Latin Grammy nominee and, for the sake of full transparency, he's also my future husband. Jones, welcome on the show. How are we feeling today? Thank you so much for having me in our own household. Yeah, I've read the way you introduced me sounds much better. Look I look a lot cooler, sound look clot than I am. I love that. Well, we're not going to go into that debate right now. Instead, I'm going to pivot into our second guest, who would make a great work husband for any employee. I know him from our New York office. He has a hilarious tick tock and amazing starky oneliners. It is Ryan Sicklesteel. He is our senior customer success manager over at Celtra who also has a long career in graphic design and and creative prior to joining Celtra. Ryan, how's it going? I'm doing well. Thanks for having me. I do feel like I'm crashing like a day. I'm third wheeling a little bit on this podcast, as you are going to end up together. No, I mean if anybody's ever seen Ryan's Tick Tock, and you definitely should, then you'll understand why he is on today. He is fantastic and and Hilarious, and so we'll get into all of that in a little bit before we go into today's commercials. Your team actually got pulled into do a lastminute super bowl thing. Everyone else had already shot and produced and finalized their spots for Super Bowl and then you get a call and you need to produce something for at councils. She can stem campaign where they are encouraging girls to get into stem careers. So talk me through this whirlwind process and what happened. Yeah, I think this was a very less minute opportunity that little fell on our laps. We did a campaign for them Ford consin she can stand last year there was pretty successful for the cause and that we did the live concern with Bob the singer inside out of minecraft and it was very nice and successful and I think in NBC pick that up and really liked. Introduced that to the hosts and the host really liked and they offered us to actually shoot something with all the two day should the today host. But that happened like very less minute. So I think the good part is that pretty much every director was available because they had a reddish shot everything for the super both stuff. So we had to do the like really fast and serious, and I know we're recording this before the Super Bowl, so I'm very careful with the stuff that I say. But it was very less minute. We had to shoot what last week. One day when I saw the calendar from the producer, there's like so here's our shoot calendar and was like where's the rest of the calendar? It's missing a few weeks before and a few weeks after. I've never seen anything like that. It's going to be a wall hanger. Yeah, yeah, and so when we when we're going to be going live? Today, if you're listening to this, the... that it goes live, it's Monday after Super Bowl. So she can stem will have aired already in the hours before the big game begins. So very I'm very excited to actually see it on TV, or having seen it on TV, if I have to speak in the past from the future, which is very confusing. anyways, going on. Actually is Friday. Is Friday from eighty nine. There's a whole segment on the today's show and then stunny. But the pregame, that's going to be the Great Ryan, how are we feeling about the Super Bowl? So, like I said, this is a pregame recording. I want to take you, I want to get your take, your predictions or the general vibe of this year's commercials. What do you think? Yeah, I'm so excited, and not necessarily for the Super Bowl itself, but for the commercials. I'm not a huge football guy, but I think the Super Bowl is so fun because it brings the creatives together to quickly tell a story and effectively these adds are. I mean I think they're a little longer now. They're about a minute. Some of them do tend to have like longer versions online, but it's so cool to see everyone just kind of like show out in this huge, huge event. So I'm very excited and I'm excited to see to what ends up happening after the Super Bowl, because I feel like a lot of the ads do end up kind of teeing up to social media kind of experiences, whether it be on twitter, Tick Tock Challenges. So I'm excited to see like what this kind of kicks off with in terms of trends. And then, most importantly, are you going to be making tick tocks about the game, big game, or the commercials? I mean, my dream is to be in the super bowl halftime show, but as someone who cannot sing, I end up just putting myself on there in Tick Tock. So this year I know Kendrick Lamore married day blige and Snoop Dogg and EMINEM DR J are performing, so there might end up being a Ri sick up there as well, once I have from foot to to work with. But yes, I'm sure there will be something coming this week. Yeah, definitely check out rice sick on tick tock after Super Bowl. There's there's going to be something a special in in store for you. Are we going to see these post or, depending how you see mid pandemic, tear jerkers, or will everyone want to keep it light? If I think about the commercials that came back earlier on in the pandemic, it was all about this thank you first responders and community and coming back together, these really emotional themes. Are we going to see more of that? Is it going to be more on the lighter fare, comedy? What do you think? Yeah, I think right now we're going to go more into the light part. I think you can see a lot of comedy, a lot of action that and I think there was the going to be the more their tear drop in one are going to go to the more patriotic things. I think we're discussing on like a budweiser spot. I think it's going to be something more towards those are like we don't want to ruin people super bowl with like reminding people of the bad years that we just had. I think this is a moment. And then reminds me on a previous agency, of previous clients and previous people that I'm not going to name, that they did something that was very serious the super bowl and it really ruined, ruined the day for a lot of people. It was it was very emotional, but I think in the wrong way, and then people start considering the worst spot, super bowl spot of all time, because it's like come on, I'm just like, right here, I have a I have a very bad year. I work a lot to have my friends, day care and kids and everything, so I get there the moment that I want to relax and remind me of this stuff. So I think right now, I think this ear you're going to see. We're going to see a lot more of comedy and celebrities, very light hearted in lots of action and but of course there's always the brains that that try to pull the strings, the high strings and like the bud wise do. But I think it's going to be very not into the past and the heritage, I think of the brands with that we're...

...actually going to get into the commercials. So again we've selected an array of ads that were available pregame. I've taked, I've taken the liberty to organize these into genres that I also invented myself, and so it's all in the fun. If you created one of the ADS and you disagree with whatever we say on this podcast, just email me, Christine and Seltcom you can come on the podcast and defend your stance. And first up we have a category that Jones already alluded to, which I named America the great so this is all about the Patriotism Star spangled banner America. And what's more American than Super Bowl? And so first up we have quaker oats. My question is, can a grain really be a symbol of Patriotsis and do we want to pregrain, as they dubbed it before the big game, with oats grown in the heartland? So this was really taking all of those patriotic tropes of what it means to be American and being America and advertised OATMEAL. Ryan thoughts? Yeah, also, I love the pre game or prexasing pre grain and then America. I know maybe with your accent you can get them out there, but I got to get pass without no. I actually was watching this one and had all the tabs open looking through and initially like you said at the beginning, it's the field of grain and there was even a horse in the background and you know, I think Budweiser has done such a good job of making me think of that brand when I see a horse, and so I'm like, Oh, is this a budweiser commercial? And then it ends up being the quaker oats commercial and I thought it was a fun twist on something that, you know, you would never associate pregaming or having a oat meal with the Super Bowl, but I thought it was a great idea and great execution. Yeah, so for me personally growing up, oat meal was a punishment and not a breakfast. But okay, I've great, I've I've grown to like it. Jones, what did you think of quaker oats? You know, you know, as a creative does that kind of stuff. You can never every time I watch a commercial I actually start thinking of the briefing, you know, and they're like how can we make people pay attention to quick here? How can we say something and that would resonate to people? Own the Super Bowl, own super bowl Sunday, and I think that's a very challenging thing for creative and for a brand like that. I actually I usually don't well the bunds, but I think this was there actually super nice. The the pregrain. It's like the pregame, but pre pre grain. And I don't know how they where they find that voiceover guy, but I think it's probably the very same one for all this patriotic spots then we all seen throughout our lives. I actually think given the product that they have right, given the the challenge, that probably like how can we actually connect our message to the Super Bowl? I think is actually nice and I think they did a good job, but at the same time it's just like all right, and we're going to eat that. Are we really gonna remember that when we wake up tomorrow for Super Bowl Sunday in the morning? I don't think so. Yeah, there's I don't want to eat anything healthy on super bowl Sunday personally, but then maybe that's just me. Budweiser was brought up a couple times and now we're going to discuss that also in the category of America, the great branded I say that right, you did. Yes, there we go, so so but wiser. We have horses. We have, I believe, a golden retie retriever as a as a companion, and and and I believe it's a story of a horse getting hurt but then getting back up again and running through the fields, and the voice over says just because you're down doesn't mean you're out in the land of the free. And also, and this is my audition, drink beer. For me, this very much feels like it could have been a scene from yellowstone and I was kind of waiting for Kevin Costner to appear there, but maybe that's just me. Ryan.

What did we think of one wiser? Okay, I did like this one one because first I thought the Horse is going to die and I was like, listen, we just went through the hardest two years of our life. You can't start this with the horse actually dying. So it was nice that the horse was resurrected. But the fact that there was no dialog at all, I think that's also kind of tough for creatives to put together, to actually tell the story effectively without any words. And Yeah, there was the voice over at the end, but such a nice metaphor to get back on the Horse, get back your feet, especially if the horse can actually get back on their feet. So just what we needed at the tail end of the pandemic. Knock on wood. Jones, what did you think about this spot? And it was made by the agency vainer media and, if I if I remember correctly, this is their first super bowl spot. Thoughts? I think first it's it's actually like seeing the Clydesdale hold bud wiser horse back into Super Bowl. I think this is something that also, I think I was saying almost telling the beginning, how they nod to their heritage in like a little bit of their history in when it comes to super bowl adds. This is definitely something that resonates you in American and and and Ruan to your points, like I'm also very glad that the horse didn't die. But the classic, the Classic Horse and dog. But by the commercial and although even though I'm a copywriter, I love you see spots with no dialogs, they're becoming like rare, especially super bowl, because they have so many cell embers and there's dialog, Dialog and dialog, and I think a lot of people also are going to watch the super bowl bars and things you don't usually have the audio to help and the pristine you're seeing before. Also about the post pandemic and I think this is a clear message. That's what I think like. It's not a sad message. Is Not something that like we're still in the in the hole, but it's like we were down a lot. It's get up and just keep keep riding and keep going. So it's something that it's emotional but not sad. It's not going to bring you down or ruin your super bowl fun. Absolutely. And So, speaking of dialog we're going to go into the other end of the spectrum in a genre where client wants all the product benefits mentioned, but you got to make it fun for this Carbana add so the brand is Carbana. We have a chatty mom who cannot stop ragging about the benefits of using Carbanam. We can cut them a little slack, maybe because it is their first super bowl ad and it was also produced in house, and I'm wondering if if that shows Jones as a a creative who is it's on the other side of the table, on the agency side. I have a more philosophical question for you. Do you think in house teams can be successful in making Super Bowl ads or do you think you need that outside perspective? And then we can go into your thoughts about the add. I think it's not even. It's it's not eight or eighty right. I don't think you need the outside perspective. But sometimes you really really help. Sometimes you're so close to the problem that in the brand that that you don't see right. You don't see the island until you they're your Nyland, until you see it from above. But we have examples of amazed in work that's done by inhouse agencies. Sometimes it does help being an in house agency exactly because you closer to the product, to the problem and the product, and you also don't have five, seven, ten different clients to think and then you can immerse yourself and that. So it's it depends. It depends on the client and depends on the team. Yeah, and what did you think about carbon has ad? Exactly why you said in the beginning.

It's just like how like we have to say a lot. I'm pain seven of dollars whatever, that I'm paid a lot of money from this thing, so let's put every little thing that we can have. And again, the fact they used the mom in on the dead right is this is like trying to not a little bit more, even though I look in at overall all the super moost spots. I was expecting a little more of diversity and like I haven't seen much of like representation on like the Algeb Dq and and all the things that like. So far I haven't seen as much as I thought. You read there, so that's an interesting point. So yeah, Carbana Ryan, what are your thought thoughts on the ad? Do you think they nailed the idea of talking about all that's great about their product without going overboard, or did it feel forced? To you? It felt so forced by this poor poor man's the Melissa McCarthy that was playing the mom and this Ad. I am someone who is approaching thirty very quickly, our Ip to my youth, and so I'm looking at actually purchasing a car if I do potentially leave New York. I saw this ad as a personification of a facebook status made by a Karen out in the wild, and I was like, this is annoying, this is not targeted towards anyone my age, and so for that reason mentally rode off Carvana. I think the only but what? I will give them credit for two things. The transitions were very smooth, coming from your Tech Tock Guy over here, and then also talking about seeing women instead of the the Dad, as you're saying, Jones. I like that she was a lawyer in there and it showed her like on the stand and I was like Hell Yeah. Other than that, I was ready for that to be done again their first Mary go around. Maybe we'll see more of them next year and they'll have learned. With that. We are moving to the genre of Pete Davidson is everywhere, and not just on the arm of Kim Kardashian. We have the agency wonder Ben Thompson working with the with the football player Jared Mayo. Who Mayo? We get the PUN is, is tackling food waste and the perpetrators of set seeing quite literally, by tackling a host of different characters in this ad for helmets, including everyone's favorite kardashian boyfriend, Pete Davidson. Jones, we discussed this ad with you previously and you said you have seen something very similar before. Yeah, I think this is the classic. Let's put a I really like the play with Mayo. Right, no pun intended here. The play with me, but it's the classic Super Bowl Guy Tackling somebody over the spot. Is just like it's been done several times. I remember, I think it's a sports into commercial that that was all about that people just stand in front of camera and then all the sudden comes the football player from the side and just tackles the person. But I think again, it's it's man is you. You need to say something, you need to entertain, you need in for that. I think they did a good job. To me, what it was funniest about all that is when I watch on Youtube right after you and the next thing that comes is this guy testing out. Man is like it's a it's a better male battle in and then Hellmon's lose. Helm was lose. Helm was let loses it, and I'm like, all right, I think they should. If that's the that's the link that most people will click on Youtube, they should be attain into that. Yeah, that's that's very unfortunate. Ryan, did the Mayo hit hole? Okay, so, Jones, I appreciate you letting me know this was a football player, because in my head I was like he's probably is a guy named Mayo, but I don't know if they're just trying to like symbolize Mayo in the sad again, not a football guy. So I don't know. And again the whole tackling thing. Yeah, that's been done before. I will give them credit. The first girl that...

...they tackle is on crutches and as soon as he tackles are, I did tense up. And then again when the grandma comes, knowing that's going to happen, like Oh my God, this poor woman. So that was a little unexpected. And then also with the ending with Pete Davidson, I mean what a year this man has had. He ends up with saying yeah, I get it, I'm very hitable. His counterpart on us and now counterpart from Staten Island has a book called a very punchable face. So I don't know if it's a nod to that as well as a nod to his girlfriends. At Kanye, who released a song called easy last month and it says one of the lines is God, save me from that crash just so I can beat Pete Davidson's ass. I don't know if it's a nod towards that as the wellbeing hitible, but I am someone who loves stand theories, loves the Easter eggs and I feel like there's a noddescent pop culture in there. I think the menness of all of this could have only made be made better if we brought on Chris Jenner, the ultimate Momager, as somehow pulling the strings behind this whole ad. That would have been the cherry on top and my favorite commercial of all time if that would have happened, and I just like that been. Dave's has a male hair as hair poll does a nice touch. Great so so. Not Quite the raving review, but I feel like we all like this commercial and and and going from that, revisiting product USB's and product benefits, but this time, at least in my opinion, done right. We have Hannah Waddingham, who obviously is one of the stars of Ted Lasso, gambling big as this evil rich lady for a rocket and commercial, which is again an inhouse ad. And and they're on the table. They're playing the game and the and the stakes are raised by bringing various items bought online, like pumps for KTV, a robot vacuum, and so they're there. They keep raising the stakes and finally the woman playing against Hannah or Hannah's character raises rockets and cash back, and that's obviously where Hannah loses. Loses too to the woman and I I quite like this one. I think it was done really well. I felt that the storyline and narrative was very tight. It brought brought out all the best that Rocketon has to offer. We doubt retorting to that CARVANA. Let's just list out everything that's great about our product. Ryan, what were your thoughts? Okay, I will give you that that they didn't do what Carvana I did and I appreciate it. But I did not like this ad and I think a big part of it it is because I have tried so hard to like Ted last so I've watched it three times and I think I've realized it is a straight people comedy. It is not for me. So I do not enjoy it. And immediately seeing this woman, I'm like, Oh my God, more Ted Lasso. And again there was no surprise factor. It was echoing each other's product over and over. I don't know. It was not for me. I didn't care for it, but you know, respect the inhouse and they tried. It was better than carbon. I will give them that. You didn't even like the hairless cat that like slides through on the robot back. I hate cats. I hate that. That was another thing that I was like, Oh my God, this is add can't finish soon enough. So this was not not for me. I feel like you're too partial to review this subjectively. But again, the the goal, the goal of the Colt, the goal of this episode is not to be objective. Is it's the really talk smackam Jones, I know that you loved Ted last so so what did you think? Well, for of all and right, I totally get what you're saying about like what I remember is is the series is actually based on an ad that was made years ago for NBC when, I think, they want they start streaming the premier league here. That I was actually looking into. The the producer, I think, that did their works at that child. Now I was just like going through her or book and I saw that there's like, Oh my God, I remember the time that I saw that for the first time and I left so much like put in a football, American football coach going there and the acting was so good. Then became I wonder why he became an Emmy, emmy winner. Series about the head,...

I think it's it's it's a much better version of the CARAVANA briefing, right, like we need to put everything in there and I think they do a good job it. For the Super Bowl crowd, I think that would be very entertaining to see, you know, the game with thing, I think. I think the narrative when you started think it's a very classic you know, the celebrity meeting a like regular person, a regular customer of whatever brand you're advertised in there then and of course, and then they do the thing and then you have the little button of the cat going classic super both spot ending. It's not also like I like the AD. I really like the the like Hannah. I think the production event was great as well, but I understand people that like if you if you're not a ted loss of end and then you're not going to care much. So here's here's a not to taking more risks and speaking off the lack of taking risks. That takes us to the next celebrity duo. We Have Seth Rogan and Paul broad for Lais the agencies high dive. So much potential. You have a Chris Brand where basically you have the turf to do whatever because it is such an everyday product. You have two great actors and Comedians and the end result isn't as crispy as I would like it to be. So in this add they reminisce on these different cinematic moments and memories where the potato chips somehow end up taking the Oscar for the best supporting actor. I felt like this spot was lacking in in in writing and lacking in drama, and I think they really could have dialed it up, especially when we look at the two people that they they got for this one. So, Ryan, what did you think of Stefan and Paul? I mean, I'm totally aligned with you. Lass like a classic chip, these two actors are classic actors. Everyone loves them. I did smile the entire time because love Paul Rad loves that Throgan and watching him in Pant and Tommy Right now, and you love his character in that. But, like you said, the the story itself, I feel like it could have been a little quicker a little more exciting, and then the ending was not satisfying at all. And Yeah, it's not one that I would ever go back to watch or highlight. Ever, I have nothing to say because it was just not much to even watch. Jones, I know you really like Paul Rodd in particular. What did you think about the commercial yeah, Ryan, just so you know, people use to think I think we're growing apart, but people we should think that I look like Paul run a lot now that he's becoming very good look and then we're really growing apart. I can see. And this is a podcast so we can tell them. But but honestly, I think I got that at all, like over two hundred times in my life already got like stopped in the street. It was a crazy like you know, you're my mom in friends. So yeah, I do have in by the way, I ran into him once at the Atlanta airport. I was late for my flight and I'm like, all right, dude, I'm so sorry, I never do this, but like I'm going to have take a picture with you. It's like, but, you know, to your point before about this letter. I mean I love both of them, but I'm bringing I follow this guy on on linkedin that he usually like just create funny headlines about the Eddy Industry and his lady's like breaking agency ECD, proud of team that was able to spend millions of dollars on a list of lads and popular song to somehow pull off this year super bow spot and then to me that is a classic example. You get to God, everybody loves that. Just by looking of them is entertaining. But you point, I think this spot. They're they're parts of it. There's they're very, very nice, but the end and is a little disappointing in it feels that it drags a lot. Now on the story. But again it's...

...for run and Seth Rogen. So who gives where? We're staying on the celebrity lane in a genre that I dubbed a guy being fierce, e. If you get my get my pun. Former copywriter. Here, Guy Fiery is welcoming people and the audience to Butt Light Selzer's flavor town, which is kind of this fantastical Alice in Wonderland rendition that somehow, where, somehow, the mad hatter is is guy fiery. And all I want to say is I want to be guy for for my next Halloween costume. But what did you think about the ad? I'm curious seed Your Guy Costume tops your Chris Jenner Costume, because that one was incredible. But yeah, for this one, I mean I'm a Seltzer Guy. I love this. I would never associate by light with Seltzer we've even had one of my friends works with them and brought them over to tryals, like thank you. But after watching this commercial and the world that they created visually, I was like okay, like there's some you know, deep saturation, fun imagery, and then getting to see guy fire, who is the, you know, I feel like pinnacle of Flavor and taste, I was like, Oh, I would try this. May I do have like a different idea, and then I'm thinking, is this ad actually working? So I really did enjoy this one. I liked it a lot and I think it was a nice beginning of the ad with the two people. I came what they walked out of a refrigerator say something, but they obviously looked like him as well, and you knew what you were getting into and it kind of gave you a nod as to here we go into flavortown. So I enjoyed it. Yeah, yeah, and what I liked about this was that it wasn't just guy fiery is the idea of the commercial, because the celebrity is not an idea. They actually had a concept around that too. That type really nicely into the product. Perhaps no surprise, the agency here is widen and Kennedy, known for obviously amazing work. Jones, are you? Are you going to be going to flavortown? Yeah, and a right. I agree with you. I actually really like this. I think this butt did the impossibly. It made me like guy. Fear, I'm really like you know, you know, you know, one of those that every time you see, just like you, just like. I can't and see that too late, but I think it just checked lots of good boxes. I think in my head is very entertaining to point it's not like, but let's help, sir, for you to be able to connect the dots that in a very smart way, and I think it does it all again. I don't know if it was their idea to actually use the guy or something that both wiser already had it lined up and pushing them, but I think that was a very nice, very good cast in there. You've been, though I not in love with him as a overall. Well, if it will even better than and so, moving on from celebrities, we haven't add that I actually quite liked in a genre I call football versus football, I mean soccer. I'm coming from Europe and Jones, you're hailing originally from from Brazil. I can I can speak to both of us. Have wear more more more for soccer than for football, and this is an ad for Telemundo where they are teaching America to celebrate goals in soccer, and the end result is pretty glorious. It's these quick coots from Clark Kelly Clarkson to Christiano Ronaldo to Gosper choirs and even the yoga home going for the go. I'm not sure if I quite nail that, but you get the idea. So it's all about just this very simple message of how to celebrate goals in soccer. As we know, there is a there's a huge tournament upcoming. We have the World Cup at the end of this year and Telemundo is obviously broadcasting that and they are quite interestingly advertising soccer during American football, which I kind of like. The metness of it, of it all. Ryan, what did you think? Okay, yeah, so I think I keep saying on this podcast I hate sports, which is true. I would rather eat Pete Davidson's tubles mayonnaise than goach or watch a sporting event.

But this commercial just it reminded me of the sense of community that you do get from sporting events. I want the University of Georgia and obviously it's a huge football school. We are national champions. I say we after I just said I hate. The only game I did watch this past season was a national championship. But you do get that sense of community with any sporting event, whether it is football, football or soccer. But I thought it was so simple with everyone yelling goal but just having people from all walks of life. Like you said, the Yoga there were some MOMS in their little kids, Dad's whatever it is. I think it showed that sports kipper in together and you could do that by watching tell them so. I really did droy this one. Jn't you are a huge football, football guy and and a grammy of fanatic, so you obviously have a lot to say on this genre overall. Yeah, let's not talk about Graham, you know now, because you know, let's keep that subject. Not doing that great. But yeah, you know what, as as a Precisian Fan, as a Procesian guy in a soccer fan, I would like to start our petition here in the US to actually change the name soccer to football, and then I'm and then football here to American football because that's exactly how we should be football and he should be playing with your foot right. So you know the let's just past that. The versus football, I think, is this is a very common every time you talking about I'm always like I'm doing air quotes. I know the people are not going to be able to see me, but every time I say soccer, I'm going to put air clothes soccer. So we're talking about soccer. In America, they always is always a comparison with the American football or, you know, the football versus football. I think this, this one for telling one is a little different than, for example, the Ted loss for a BAC, because I think the Ted last one it for sock it, that it was really made for soccer fans that but they do have at the end, if you look at it, original to Ted last and want their start comparing the British teams to the American football team. So that's the way, that's that's how they found, like the solution they found to actually get picked the interest of people here this one. I think it's the most simple thing you can possibly I think there is something that is unique to soccer that is the way we actually celebrate a goal and that guy, for people here's not going to be that famous, but he is a very, very wellknown sportscaster. I think it's a fun spot and I think it resonates with both soccer fans and American football fans. So I like that a lot. But I like sports. So Joe's I think the audience was really able to hear those are quotes around soccer every time you mentioned them. Next up, and we are so lucky to have a Latin grammy nomine this acting the genre called musical moments, and we have two commercials here. We have, first up, for honey, which is crow mixtension and an APP that lets you find and apply coupons across a range of retail sites online. And they they hired Daniel Trasher, who is a piano based youtube comedian, kind of feels like the poor man's Bowl Burnham, you didn't hear from me, to create a super bowl commercial where he composed the song that basically again, enlists all of the product benefits of using honey. Ryan, have you watched a lot of Daniel stuff before? Was this your first encounter rhythm? What did you think? This is my first encounter of them. And it's funny that you call him poor man's boat, Burnham, because I initially thought poor man's Charlie pouth. Charlie pooth is on tick tock all the time doing these little piano riffs and jingles and tends to write a lot of songs on Tick Tock, and it reminded me of that in not only who dam will tresher is, which good for him for being in a super bowl commercial, but then also with the setup of the camera. It was a very simple...

...background, very simple with the man at the piano in his bedroom. You know, it felt a little forced, as if they were trying to say, Hey, take this to tick tock and make this a jingle or someone you know like it just felt forced and it did it feel very authentic at all. Yeah, I think it's always sad when you you get a creator who has a huge following you for the originality and the CREE TVD that they have and whatever their genre is, and then you give them basically a list of things they need to hit and no creative freedom to like work around it. And I think there's just so much that could being done with this and we've seen what Bill Burnham did with his netflix special and how he was making fun of brands and and really going into this. And so, Jones, I know that on one side you're a huge bull Burnham Fan, but then also as a as a Latin grammy nominee for a few years back. What is your professional take on this commercial? Well, first I just want to make clear that this Latin Grammy nominee I was just doing back in vocal for a Brazil and artist year and and his record got nominated. So I was just there in the credit's a grammy nominy, but you know, it's right there. It's a Latin Remy. Yeah, but you know, I agree with you. You know, to me there's nothing worse than you try to tap into somebody's talent in style and then you change it and then you and then you have to just like not let the person get its art or it's and I do understand that advertising not art, this is a business, but then do something it right, like think a little bit better how we're going to use the talent, because, like I think they got in a middle ground here that, you know, it doesn't go to the all the business part as well, because, like it's not the high production, because that's the guy's style, right, like very sample piano. But at the same time you didn't go, you didn't let him go all the way on his craft. So it becomes a contrived a creative and in preten to your points, like then use bull burn him. But you know, the last thing I would ever do, even if I could, but I don't think you would do it. But then, even if I could use bull burning for something, I would never, I would never be able to vet anything or seeing like I would just like, he's a brief and just deal with it and give me what you have and then we're going to run. And if the clients now willing to run that, then we shouldn't use bull burn. That's a good point. We we have another one here in musical moments, and this time it is is quite a sexy commercial, and you heard right, because we have Kenny g playing the saxophone, serenading as a sound of the mountains for the Beer Bush light and this was created by the Martin Agency. I mean, I got to say, whenever you get a Kenny Gee playing the saxophone overlaid on top of a mountain, I'm at I'm sold, I'm in Ryan did you are you playing to the same tune? So I have to admit I actually skipped over this one. I think I had missed it. But the way you just described it with Kenny G at Bush light, I'm very excited to check us out after we record. How about you, Jones the I think that there's a lot of two them back on this Ad. You know, first of all, I would have loved if they call like take it away, giant, Kenneth Gorelick Kennedy, but you know again, Kennedy, Kenned Gy. To me it's the guys fiery of music. You don't like him. I never did, I see though, but you gotta take your head off because to him of making fun of himself. All right, with the selfdegregation. There that I think it's Super Nice. The good sport, and this is a if I'm not mistaken, is a... also on the very, very old Bush add I think from like the s or the seven so that song was a country song and they again is doing like how can we nod to the history and the heritage of the brand? I think there's something that people drink Bush probably know that song by heart and then just do this like modern, entertaining spin to it. I actually like that that thing. It's not again. I don't think it's all the hype that people are saying, but I really, I really like the the Ad. Yeah, yeah, and and on. On the note of nostalgia and going back in time and and and bringing something back, we have one last roundery, which is nostalgia. We have two ads that we just seen the previews for so far, so they will have aired by the time you're listening to this, but we do have Mike Myers reprising his role as Dr Evil for General Motors, and my question is, has Dr Evil had botax, because he has not aged a day since when he originally came out. And then we also have jim carry appearing as cable guy own verises a super bowl teaser around the nine sixteen mark on the on the longer video that they came out with. So No stylegias all over advertising and over all over Tick Tock. Ryan. Why do you think nostalgia is having such a big moment right now? There's this mean that's in going around, I think it was twitter and instagram that I've seen it, where it shows a timeline from two thousand to two thousand and fourteen and it just says nostalgia. And then from two thousand and fourteen to two thousand, I think eighteen, it just says two thousand and sixteen, when we were all dealing with the chaotic mess that was two thousand and sixteen, and then now it's just, you know, I think it's a like end of the world, pandemic, whatever, but I think all of us are so nostalgic for such simpler times, times that we associate with a lot of us being a lot younger, you know, not being completely tied to our phones all the time, not having people paying in Buzzy all the time, just kind of simpler, Simpler Times. And you know, with these characters that they have, especially like Dr Evil, I feel like it's almost a safe bet a little bit. But when they're doing these teasers, which I love that they do, that making this more than a commercial but more of an event and experience for the audience. We know what we're going to get with Dr Evil. We know that character. He's been around for two decades and I think it just it's safe, but it's fun because the audience immediately knows what they're going to see in what they're going to get. Jim Carrey was giving me a little bit of a Spin Su Vibes, which I love, when he was I don't know if it was the shot of him through the people, but I'm excited to see what they end up doing with with him in the verizon commercial. That's a really interesting point on nostalgia being the safe bed because if I think about entertainment overall, you know, we all know that and just like that brought the sex in the city characters back and the series has has face so much backlash for just, quite frankly, Brad bad storyline development, that character development, forced inclusivity and the really they really did not nail any of the things that they set out to nail in that TV show. But regardless of that, everyone and their mother and their daughter this time around are watching it and they will tune into season two if that comes back. And so with Nostalgia, Jones, I want to ask you, is nostalgia sort of an easy way out or a safe bet for a brand, or do you think that it can be done right and in a way that it becomes iconic? I think it's both, to be honest. I think nostalgia is is in and we are in a very nostalgic era right now, right, if you see, I think it's fading a little bit, but but you know, the aid is you so like stranger things and you know like Oh all of that and wrought brought back. I think we are at that point, and specially for Super Bowl. It's something that you can go a long way it like it's something...

...that you know people like, for example, if you're doing in not to look back to the future or two, but you know fairris builder they are. Or you know, it's something that you already get like from the get go, you present something to people that they are already familiar with. It's there just dear to their hearts. So it already makes it like a disarm people when they they start watching an ad, right, it's pretty much like I was like, well, I like that, so you know, you already open your mind to see whatever with with would like a different, different it's a different mindset that. But regarding this specific ads, like I'm a huge fan of both of them, Mike Myers and and specially Jim Carrey. I think he's one of the best actors and you know, as crazy as it can be, and in right. I think you pointed on something that I think it's hilarious. How we, as add people, also talk to ourselves a lot like this. teasers rights, like nobody's going to see those teasers that are actually like, you know, the millions and millions of people there watched the super bowl like it. This is for like, you know, people are spending a lot of my like seven million dollars, but all the celebports just like we need to do more than I sin. We need to do a lot more than a sixty second or thirty second spot. Then then it becomes all the social stuff, the social stuff. But like then the teaser and like, I don't think people's like I really want to see the teaser for that thing the varizon is doing. So it's funny a little bit, but I'm very excited to I'm waiting, looking forward to seeing the the cable guy one. Yeah, so we'll just have to see. I mean by the time you're listening to this, we will have seen all of the ads and maybe found even new favorites. But these are all of the commercials that we had in store for today. So again, this was brand side Super Bowl special. I would like to thank both Ryan and Jones for coming on the shown. Ryan, where can people follow you and watch your tick tocks? You can follow me on Tick Tock Ry, underscore sick. Please do come join you definitely should. Jones, if people want to connect with you work, can they get in touch? Well, they can follow me on the street because, like I'm going to recommend they follow my social media is very, very boring. Looks for Paul Right on the street and you'll know where. Don't something like that exactly. Thank you all for listening to grandside. If you like the show, the best thing you can do is maybe forwarded to a colleague, to a friend who also loves to listen on all topics advertising and marketing. Maybe you'll give a review, maybe you'll give us those five stars. I'd be very grateful and until next time. My name is Christine and I'm the host of brand side.

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